Recent Testimonial : What my clients say

I attended Rose O’Connor for treatment using her ‘Bowen’ alternative medicine technique. My conditions related to continuous headaches, migraine, fatigue and constipation. I had previously attended many consultant specialists in these medical fields over a number of years without success.
I attended Rose O’Connor’s ‘Bowen Clinic for a total of six sessions in all. Soon after the first session with her, I notice an improvement in the above-mentioned conditions. After completion of the 6th session, these conditions had rescinded and disappeared,
I found Rose O’Connor’s attitude and professionalism exemplary. She appears to have a special gift in the application and delivery of the ‘Bowen’ treatment technique.
I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone seeking relief from conditions that have persisted over a period of time. The outcome is likely to be a positive one similar to my experience in delivering the ‘Bowen Technique’.

Thomas D’Arcy, Ph. D.