Amethyst Biomat

The Bio Mat
• Relaxing, Rejuvenating and Refreshing.
• The mat boosts energy levels, clears the mind and gives a sense of calmness.
• Heals.

Some people say that they feel as though they’ve had good quality sleep or that their pain has been relieved or is gone completely after just one session on the bio mat.

Manufactured in Korea by Richway International. Richway also own the amethyst mines.

The Bio Mat is an FDA medically licensed device, it is made up of 17 different layers which includes 30lbs of Amethyst, a healing crystal, negative ions and infrared rays and built using techniques developed by NASA. The Bio Mat omits infrared rays and negative ions deep into our tissues, this has been clinically proven to be very therapeutic and healing to our bodies and the amethyst crystals amplify the power of the light waves and ions 

Some of the things the Bio Mat can do:
• It detox’s the body
• It is a muscle relaxant
• It boosts the immune system.
• It improves the circulation.
• It raises the body temperature and increases the metabolism.
• It improves skin condition.
• It is calming and balancing
• It promotes a more alkaline blood ph. level which is very important because it’s been proven, the more alkaline state our body is in the less able disease and illness can thrive in our bodies.
• And much more……….
I invite you to come and experience the Bio Mat for yourself.
It is priceless.
Invest in yourself, your family and friends.

FDA medical device approved.

Dr Sircus talks about the bio mat and its benefits from 35mins onwards.

The Bio Mat captures the nurturing part of the sun in the form of the infrared rays. Capturing the energy and the light and giving it to us for health and healing. Medicine doesn’t get any better that this.

Saunas emit infrared rays but the benefits of the Bio Mat professional over the sauna include:

  • It is portable.
  • You can read, relax, listen to music or perform body work on it or just lay on it.
  • Increases the immune system
  • Increase the circulation
  • Penetrates 4 to 6 inches into the body/sauna only penetrates around 2 inches
  • It acts as a grounder.

As a rule of thumb –the higher the setting the lower the time on the mat. It is safe to sleep overnight on the Bio Mat on a low is also safe for Children and pets to use the Bio Mat on a low setting.

The Amethyst Bio Mat

Relieves pain, restores balance and energy.