About Me

I spent 10 wonderful years in London where I qualified as a Registered General Nurse and gained invaluable experience. I have been working as a nurse for over 20 years and I have worked in a variety of different specialities both in Ireland and London.

In 2000 I returned to Ireland with my husband, Owen. In 2003 I had my first brief encounter with” The Bowen Technique”. I couldn’t believe how these few gentle moves could have such profound results. It intrigued me.

In 2012 after much searching, I started The Original Bowen Technique with Shalini Sinha in Dublin. It is an amazing Journey. I love what I do and it never ceases to amaze me when I see what it can actually do for people. Now as a full member of The Bowen Association of Ireland I excitedly look forward to each year. I  have attended numerous additional courses in Bowen since qualifying :

  1. Mother and Baby Module in Hammersmith  June2013 with John Wilks and Lena Clarke which explored some of the common ailments that affect ‘mums to be’ such as morning sickness, heartburn, lower back pain etc as well as newborn babies who have had a difficult entry into this world and have problems feeding or sleeping. I attended a refresher mother and baby course June 2018 with Sylvia Wilkinson. Shropshire England.
  2. Robyn Woods from Australia (She knew Tom Bowen- He was a family friend) taught Sports Injury 2014
  3. Ron Phelan also Australian came to Dublin in 2016 to teach us about TMJ dysfunction.
  4. The Art of Bowen was taught by Alastair McLoughlin in 2017.  I am so grateful for each opportunity I have been given to learn more and meet such amazing and truely gifted people.


It was a great start to 2014 to launch my own website.

I want to thank my family and friends for their help and support, especially Owen and our three wonderful children for their patience and encouragement and continuing support always.

Now in 2019, 7 years on. I still feel the same about the Bowen technique. I am very passionate about it and love seeing the great results. I am very grateful to all the wonderful people I have met throughout this journey. I have been fortunate to have been taught and treated by John Wilkes (The Tom Bowen of the UK), and I met Ossie and Elaine Rentch who worked with and were trained by Tom Bowen. Now in their 80’s they travel the world teaching people about Bowen.

Above – Me and Nigel at Bowen Assocation UK AGM in Farnborogh July 2013

Below – Elaine and Ossie Rentch with Angela Cannon in the center(Chairman Bowen Assocation UK)

The Crew from Tullamore who completed The Mini Marathon June Bank Holiday 2013 for Women’s Cancer research in The Mater and raised 4,000 euros.

What a Great Day.